Parents FAQ’S

Parents want to be able to help their children make the best decisions throughout life. Education is just another aspect that can be confusing and overwhelming. Here at IIBT we want to make this as easy as possible. Here are some FAQ that may help you help your children.

How can I give my child support?

Students will notice that studying at a secondary level is quite different compared to studying at a tertiary level. Independent learning can be a bit overwhelming but as a parent the best support to give is to encourage your child to stay up-to date with assignments and ask lectures for help.

What course will get my child where they want to be?

It is important to remind your child that what they choose to study can be changed as they continue their educational journey. There are so many pathways to get to university and IIBT provides a Diploma of Business Administration which allows students to trying a range of different business units such as finance, marketing and professional communications. It is important to make sure your child is choosing a course they will enjoy rather than one they think they should study.

Is the study load manageable?

A student who has completed year 12 would be well prepared for IIBT. As long as students manage their times efficiently the work load at IIBT will not be overbearing. With timetables and course structures in place that allow assessments and assignment due on different weeks it allows students to work efficiently. To help your child a good way to identify and manage the work load come up with a study plan they both you and them understand so they can be confident in their time management.

Teacher FAQ’S

Teachers and career advisors looking to aid their students in choosing the best tertiary path can book a campus tour with IIBT. These tours or meeting enable you to speak to lectures and representatives in order to understand the range of possibilities and pathways IIBT offers its students.

Cant make it to the IIBT campus? All it takes is a phone call and we can organise to send a representative to come to you.

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