IIBT offers international students an environment that allows students to get personalised study options with small classes that allow students to reach their full potential. Successful completion of courses such as the Diploma of Business Administrations enables students to get direct entry into any of our partner Universities.


Want to have an easy transition into Perth so you can concentrate on your studies? Moving to a new country and leaving your family, friends and lifestyle can take some adjusting but preparing yourself can make the transition a lot easier. The following checklist will help this adjustment:

  • Organise your arrival to Perth before your orientation date.
  • Have applied for your student visa before arriving to Australia.
  • Confirm your accommodation and airport reception.
  • Have your health insurance prepared before arriving to Australia (this is compulsory)
  • Have a prior medical and dental check-up before arriving to Australia.
  • Ensure you have all your medical and optical prescriptions before arriving to Australia.

If at any time you feel that you are struggling with the transition into the Australian culture, any member of staff will be available to assist you. IIBT also offers counselling sessions to help rule out any unnecessary stress. Plus refer to our Pre-Departure Guide and Welcome to Perth Guide for more information.


All international students must possess a current student visa while they are studying in Australia.

International student’s wanting to study in Australia must obtain a student visa from the Australian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in their home country before progressing further.

All international students must comply with current visa conditions and regulations determined by DIBP.

For further enquiries please email enquiries@iibt.wa.edu.au

Visa requirements

For more information about visa conditions, requirements and regulations, visit immi.gov.au/students

What are the visa conditions?

To maintain your visa, you must comply with the following main conditions:

  • Complete full time study while in Australia
  • Have an attendance of at least 80%
  • Uphold required academic progress
  • Do not exceed 40 hours of work per fortnight
  • Maintain valid Overseas Student Health Cover

For more information about visa conditions and regulations, visit immi.gov.au/students


While studying with IIBT you can choose from a range of accommodation options including homestay, shared accommodation and rentals. The IIBT housing services team will work with you to find you the right place for your budget and well being to aid in an easy transition into Australian life and study.