The clarity English Test is a professional online English test for international students. These students are non-native speakers of English, and this is designed for students who need to provide professional English test results in order to obtain a clear understanding of their current level.

The students taking the Clarity English Test will also be students who wish to apply for IIBT course(s) without having an IELTS test result or any other equivalent professional English test result.

IIBT English Centre will judge each students English level according to the test result then arrange appropriate English course(s) for the student.


Before the test you should know some important points:

  1. Please read through the test manual so you will know what will happen in the test.
  2. The test is closed book. You are not permitted to use any assistant method during the test.
  3. The computer you will use for the test should have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
  4. Please ensure headphones are provided to each candidate before the test, as there is listening component that will be tested.
  5. Use updated Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. IE is not recommended.
  6. DO NOT close the browser or refresh the browser UNTIL you have finished and submitted the test.
  7. When you have started the test, IIBT will treat that you have understood and accepted the above terms.
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