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April 26, 2018


The Diploma of IT is equivalent to first year university, covering subjects such as Cyber Security, Software Engineering and Information Technology. This course provides opportunities for students to appreciate the latest trends in Information Technology and to develop as lifelong learners who continue to update their knowledge and skills alongside their chosen career path. On…

March 7, 2018

Meet Binita

"Choosing International Institute of Business and Technology (IIBT) was the best decision of my life. I was enrolled for six weeks in the Academic English IV course. I am very happy to realise that this pathway course is the key factor to pursue my postgraduate course from ECU university. Even though in a short period…

February 7, 2018

English students explore Heirisson Island!

"Despite the almost equatorial heat last Friday, our students valiantly explored the west end of Heirisson Island for the elusive kangaroos. Only two were seen on the day, but there were more out there for sure. The two kangaroos we saw, were calmly staying cool beneath some bushes. They were sensible (unlike us) by not…

December 4, 2017

IIBT receive's Best Performing Partner Award!

A big thank you to Edith Cowan University (ECU) for presenting IIBT with the 'Best Performing Partner' award for 2017. We are very honoured to receive this award and we look forward to our ongoing partnership with ECU. Well done IIBT team!


Student Activities

Student Activities

To celebrate the holidays IIBT hosted a wonderful afternoon by the river, where students and teachers played beach games and enjoyed a Pizza Picnic for lunch.

"I love that we can walk to the river from the IIBT Campus.

The pizza and games were really enjoyable too"

Meet Emily

Meet Emily

What country are you from? Australia

What course are you studying at IIBT? Diploma of Business Administration

What do you enjoy about studying with IIBT?

"In becoming the scholarship winner at IIBT has changed my future out look on life. I have gained so much from the Diploma of Business Administration and i have enjoyed the hands on experience that my lectures provided to help me better understand how the current business industry works. IIBT has prepared me for university study and i now feel i can successfully transition into the next step of my education."

Student Success

Student Success

At IIBT student success is celebrated among the graduating students and their teachers with ceremonies to mark such a special occasion. The sharing and reminiscing of stories through student speeches while enjoying a graduation cake is always the perfect way to wrap up a successful course.

"The graduation ceremony was the best way to finish up my AE V Course, i loved all the photos and how funny the speeches were!"